Infant Puzzles

Infant Puzzles 1.0

Collection of jigsaw puzzles that can be enjoyed by all family members
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Infant Puzzles is a collection of jigsaw games that can be enjoyed by all family members. The name of the game can be a bit misleading as it is actually suitable for all ages, and adults will particularly enjoy its relaxing gameplay. The program features more than 100 pictures that you can choose from the puzzle gallery. These pictures will show you all kinds of natural landscapes, people, animals, flowers, lighthouses around the world, and many other photos of good quality. Before starting, you can select the difficulty level by choosing the number of pieces among 50, 150, and 260, and also enabling piece rotation.

Once in the game, there are numerous and handy features you can access via the context menu, the bar at the bottom of the window, or using hotkeys. One of these are hints, which will show you matching pieces with a smooth animation. You can also free up space in a specific area of the grid, select a group or individual pieces to move around the playing area, see the borders only, and scatter/arrange pieces as well. Also, at the top of the screen there is a counter controlling how long it takes to you to complete the puzzle.

The game is free, supported by advertising, so it will display an ad while the game is loading.

Mariel Rearte
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  • More than 100 puzzles to complete
  • Good quality pictures
  • Free
  • Ads only appear while the game is loading


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